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Antimicrobial Pens30ml Sanitizer

Essentials PPE Kit


Keep your employees and clients safe with this Essential PPE Kit.

This Ultimate Essentials PPE Kit features three disposable masks, one antimicrobial pen, 3 pairs of nitrile gloves and a 60ml travel sized bottle of gel hand sanitizer.

MASK – pleated 3-ply face masks are made of fluid-resistant polypropylene. Lightweight, cool and breathable with plastic ear loops and an adaptable nose bar. They are latex-free and fibreglass-free.Colour: Blue/White

NITRILE GLOVES – made from an allergy safe compound that feels a lot like latex but is much stronger, costs less, and is more comfortable to wear. Nitrile gloves are designed for cleaning and dishwashing. They are easy to put on and take off – especially with wet hands. These powder-free gloves go through an extra process of chlorinating for ease of use.

CLEAR GEL SANITIZER –  kills 99.9% illness-causing germs. Contains 75% Ethyl Alcohol enriched with Aloe Vera, an essential moisturizer. The convenient 30ML travel size bottle with flip cap is perfect for your car, purse or lunchbox.

ANTIMICROBIAL PEN – The silver ions on the antimicrobial pen prevent cells from dividing so bacteria deteriorates and can no longer spread. The coating is activated for the life of the pen. The stylus can be used on mobile devices, cash terminals and ATMs to avoid hands-on contact with surfaces.

A custom card with your logo, short message and COVID-19 safety tips can be prepared and included in this package, free of charge.

25 Kit Minimum. Request a Quote or contact us directly to place an order at 647 299 5711.


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