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PPE Care Kits

Return to Work Kit

Antimicrobial Wonder Pens

Return to Work Kit


Minimize the Spread of Germs with this PPE gift set containing one antimicrobial pen and three disposable masks.

The antimicrobial pen is made with Sanitized® technology, a Swiss antimicrobial innovation developed in 1935. The silver ions on the surface of the pen prevents cells from dividing so bacteria deteriorates and can no longer spread. The coating is activated for the life of the pen. The stylus can be used on mobile devices, cash terminals and ATMs to avoid hands-on contact with surfaces.

The pleated 3-ply face masks are made of fluid-resistant polypropylene. Lightweight, cool and breathable with elastic ear loops and an adaptable nose bar. They are latex-free and fibreglass-free. Colour: Blue/White

A custom card with your logo, short message and COVID-19 safety tips can be prepared and included in this package, free of charge.

Pen Colour Options: Blue, Red, Black, Silver

Minimum Order Quantity : 30 Kits


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